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Being pre-qualified is based on your provided information, which will then give you an estimate on the amount that you are able to borrow. A Pre-approval means that your information is evaluated thoroughly. It is a closer estimation of how much you will be approved for.

You [and your co-borrower, if applicable] will need the following documents when applying for a loan:
• Social Security Number
• 2 Years Proof of Employment (If self-employed then please provide most recent 2 years business tax returns and current YTD profit/loss statements as well as balance sheets)
• 2 Most Recent Paystubs
• 2 Most Recent Years of Tax Documents (W-2 statements and tax returns)
• Bank Account Information (2 Most Recent months of asset statements-checking, savings, retirement, etc.)
• Credit Information (Provide details of any new accounts or accounts not currently reporting on your credit report such as: )
• Monthly Expenses (Housing, etc.)

There are many factors that could impact the type of loan that you qualify for. You could reach out to your local loan originator to find out what loan you qualify for. If you need more information on the various types of loans, check out our Loan Types page.

An appraisal is the process of having a licensed and trained individual report on the worth of a home. This individual is completely unbiased and will be able to provide the lender, buyer and seller an accurate value of the home. Having an appraisal done on the home establishes protection for all parties involved. They will determine if repairs are needed, if the price is fair in comparison to other homes within the area, and a detailed report calculating the true value of the home.

An interest rate is the amount it will cost you to borrow the principal loan amount. It could either be a variable or fixed amount and will always be expressed in percentage form. An APR measures a mortgage and includes the interest rate plus discount points, closing costs and broker fees. APR’s are expressed in percentage form.

Closing costs include:
• Loan Origination fees
• Appraisal fees
• Discount Points
• Title Insurance
• Taxes
• Surveys
• Credit Report charges
• Deed-recording fees
• Title Searches

Refinancing is when you replace your current loan with a new loan. This new loan should include improved terms and features than the prior loan. If your current loan is too expensive or risky, then you should look into refinancing. Typically, refinancing is beneficial because you can: Save money Lower your payments Shorten your loan term Change your loan type Consolidate your debts Pay off a Loan with a Due-date or balloon payment

Yes, you can qualify for a mortgage as long as the seasoning requirements for the specific loan type have been met. This is something you can discuss with your Loan Originator in detail.

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